Morten Nielsen's publications

Here you can find the list of Morten Nielsen's publications, which include both academic articles and book chapters, as well as edited journals and books.

Edited books and journals

2016    “Urban Times”. Special issue of Ethnos.

2013    “Time and the Field”. Special issue of Social Analysis 57(1). (with Steffen Dalsgaard).

2004    “Person”.  Special issue of Tidsskriftet Antropologi. (with Anne Line Dalsgård)

2001    “Antropologi som social kritik”.  Special issue of Tidsskriftet Antropologi. (with Christian Groes-Green).

Articles and book chapters

Nielsen, M. (Forthcoming). "Absent Economies. Embedded Transactionalism in Land Markets in Maputo, Mozambique." Focaal.

Nielsen, M., A. Højen, et al. (2018 In press). "Islands of Time. Unsettling linearity across deep history." Archaelogical Dialogues.

Nielsen, M. (2017). Into the ‘Crack' : Scottish agricultural revolutions and the art of moaning in: Nigel Rapport (ed.): Distortion: On Human Processes Beyond the Systemic and Relational. New York: Routledge, pp. 107-124.

Nielsen, M & M.A. Pedersen (2017). Epilogue : An Anthropological Theory of Distortion in: Nigel Rapport (ed.): Distortion: On Human Processes Beyond the Systemic and Relational. New York: Routledge, pp. 165-173.

Nielsen, M. (2017). "Ideological Twinning : Socialist aesthetics and political meetings in Maputo, Mozambique." Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 23(S1): 139-153.

Nielsen, M. & AbdouMaliq Simone (2016). “The Generic City: Examples fra Jakarta, Indonesia, and Maputo, Mozambique” in: Harvey, Penny; Casper Bruun Jensen and Atsuro Morita (eds.): Infrastructures and Social Complexity: A Routledge Companion. New York, Routledge.

Nielsen, M. (2016). “Urban Times. Temporal Topographies and Non-Scalable Cities”. Ethnos

Nielsen, M. (2016). Into Architecture. Concrete Personhood in Maputo, Mozambique in: Flohr Sørensen, Tim & Mikkel Bille (eds.): Assembling Architecture. London: Routledge

Nielsen, M. and S. Dalsgaard (2015). "Introduction: Time and the Field." in Nielsen, M. & Steffen Dalsgaard (eds): Time and the Field. New York: Berghahn.

Willerslev, R. and M. Nielsen (2015). "Fremtidens paradoks: Når sproget kollapser." Norsk Antropologisk Tidsskrift 3-4: 304-309.

Andersen, J. E., P. Jenkins & M. Nielsen (2015). "Who plans the African city? A case study of Maputo: part 2 – agency in action." International Development Planning Review 37(4): 423-444.

Andersen, J. E., P. Jenkins & M. Nielsen (2015). "Who plans the African city? A case study of Maputo: part 1 – the structural context." International Development Planning Review 37(3): 331-352.

Nielsen, M. (2015). Invisible Worlds. Sub-Saharan African Cosmologies in a Contemporary Perspective in: Africa. Architecture, Culture, Identity. Humlebæk, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art: pp. 59-62.

Nielsen, M. (2015). Mimesis of the state. From natural disaster to urban citizenship on the outskirts of Maputo, Mozambique in: Kapferer, B. & Lotte Meinert (eds.): In the Event. Towards an Anthropology of Generic Moments. New York: Berghahn

Nielsen, M. and M. A. Pedersen (2015). Infrastructural Involutions. The Imaginative Efficacy of Collapsed Chinese Futuresin Mozambique and Mongolia in: N. Rapport and M. Harris, (Eds.): The Imagination. A Universal Process of Knowledge? Aldershot, Ashgate: pp. 237-262.

Nielsen, M. (2015). The Pataphysical State : Time, debt, and transfigured legalities in ‘The Spirit of the Laws in Mozambique’. HAU. Journal of Ethnographic Theory 5(8): 263-266.

Nielsen, M. (2014). How not to make a road: An Ethnographic Analysis of the Socio-economic Effects of a Chinese Infrastructure Project in Mozambique in: C. Alden and S. Chichava, (Eds.): Mozambique and China – challenges and opportunities. Johannesburg, Jacana Press, pp. 67-83.

Nielsen, M. (2014). "The negativity of times. Collapsed futures in Maputo, Mozambique." Social Anthropology 22(2): 213-226.

Nielsen, M. (2014). "A Wedge of Time: Futures in the Present and Presents Without Futures in Maputo, Mozambique " Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 20(S1): 166-182.

Nielsen, M. (2013). "Vi bebor mangfoldige verdener. For udsagnet." Tidsskriftet Antropologi 67: 23-28.

Nielsen, M. (2013). "Analogic Asphalt. Suspended Value Conversions Among Young Road Workers in Southern Mozambique." HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory 3(2), 79-96.

Nielsen, M. (2013). Temporal Aesthetics: On Deleuzian Montage in Anthropology in: R. Willerslev and C. Suhr, (Eds.): Transcultural Montage. New York, Berghahn: pp. 40-57.

Nielsen, M. and S. Dalsgaard (2013). "Introduction: Time and the Field." Social Analysis 57(1), 1-19.

 Nielsen, M. and M. A. Pedersen (2013). "Trans-temporal Hinges: Comparing Chinese Investments in Mozambique and Mongolia." Social Analysis 57(1), 122-142.

Nielsen, M. (2012). " Interior Swelling. On the Expansive Effects of Ancestral Interventions in Maputo, Mozambique." Common Knowledge 18(3), 433-450.

Nielsen, M. (2012). "Roadside Inventions: Making Time and Money Work at a Road Construction Site in Mozambique " Mobilities 7(4): 467-480.

Nielsen, M. (2012). Como não construir uma estrada: uma análise etnográfica dos efeitos socioeconómicos de um projecto chinês de construção de infra-estruturas em Moçambique in: S. Chichava and C. Alden, (Eds.): A Mamba e o Dragão. Relações Moçambique-China em perspectiva. Maputo, IESE & SAIIA: pp. 61-80.

Nielsen, M. (2011). "Fremtidens eftervirkninger (enquete)." Tidsskriftet Antropologi 63.

Nielsen, M. (2011) ”Inverse governmentality. The Paradoxical Production of Peri-Urban Planning in Maputo, Mozambique.Critique of Anthropology 31(3): 329-358.

Nielsen, M. (2011) ”Futures Within. Reversible Time and House-building in Maputo, Mozambique”. Anthropological Theory 11(4): 397-423.

Nielsen, M. (2010). "Mimesis of the state. From natural disaster to urban citizenship on the outskirts of Maputo, Mozambique." Social Analysis 54(3): 153-173.

Nielsen, M. (2010). "Contrapuntal Cosmopolitanism. Distantiation as social relatedness among house-builders in Maputo, Mozambique." Social Anthropology 18(4): 396-402.

Nielsen, M. (2009). Regulating Reciprocal Distances. House Construction Projects as Inverse Governmentality in Maputo, Mozambique. DIIS Working Paper 2009:33. Copenhagen, Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS).

Nielsen, M. (2007). "Filling in the Blanks. The Potency of Fragmented Imageries of the State." Review of African Political economy 34(114): 695-708.

Nielsen, M. (2007). Shifting Registers of Leadership. An Ethnographic Critique of the Unequivocal Legitimization of Commmunity Authorities i: L. Buur, H. Kyed and T. C. d. Silva, (Eds.): State Recognition of Local Authorities and Public Participation: Experiences, Obstacles and Possibilities in Mozambique. Maputo, Ministério da Justica/Centro de Formacão Juridica e Judiciária: pp. 159-176.

Nielsen, M. (2003). "For en opløsning af alle selvfølgeligheder." Tidsskriftet Antropologi 44: 81-96.


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